11 Interesting Facts About Goa You did not know

11 Interesting Facts About Goa You did not know
Vaishali Jignesh by Vaishali Jignesh January 29, 2021 in Travel News
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Around 100 k.m of coastline with over 35 beaches, GOA breathes many lives. The sandy beaches, the oscillating palm trees, the busy avenues and the grooving clubs lets you explore the unique essence of Goa with every visit you make.

Goa has a past which is overwhelming, the present which is exhilarating and the future which is exciting. Let us see a few revelations about Goa which we usually ignore while being a tourist or a traveller.

1. Goa honours two Independence Days
Goa Independence Day
Picture Credit: Incredible India
India received its freedom on 15th August 1947, but the Portuguese were not ready to leave control over Goa. On 17th December the Indian Army, Navy and Air force attacked and conquered Portuguese army. The very next day, i.e on 18th December Portuguese governor gave up and on 19th December Goa officially became the part of India. That is how Goa celebrates its second Independence on 19th December.

2. Wide forest cover
Wide Forest
Goa has a forest cover of almost 33% of its total land area: Beaches, shacks, clubs, bars etc are the first thoughts to arrive in our mind when we think about Goa.

But Goa has a forest cover of almost one-third of its land with beautiful flora and fauna and fascinating wildlife. With a variety of bird species, animals and reptiles; Goa nurtures all of them with a pleasant ecosystem of the western ghats.

3. Two official languages
Goa People
With diversities of people residing here, Goa charms almost 2 million travellers from all around the world. Many of us might not know that Goa has two official languages Konkani and Marathi.

4. Headphone party
Headphone Party
Neptune Point, Silent Noise hosts the famous headphone parties every week. The headphone parties are for those who do not like too much noise from the speaker system and party lovers enjoy their music on t

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