Ama Dablam Expedition: Ama Dabma Expedition Autumn and Spring 2022/2023

Ama Dablam’s main peak (6,812m/ 22,349ft) is often referred to as the Matterhorn of the Himalayas due to its regular pyramid shape. Ama Dablam is in the eastern Himalayan Range 152 km northeast of Kathmandu. There is also a lower western peak (6,170/20,243 ft). The climb to the peak is generally via the southwest ridge with three camps established along the ridge, and camp three positioned below the hanging glacier (the Dablam). Its unique shape makes it attractive to climbing enthusiasts, with April to May and September to October being the best times to scale this amazing peak. A Dablam in Tibetan means necklace, the same as the sacred symbol worn by Sherpa women. Ama means mother, hence the name of this peak means “Mother’s Necklace”.

This is a physically and technically challenging climb due to the shear faces and steep sections of ice and rock to navigate. Climbers must also be accustomed to climbing at high altitudes. There are of course higher mountains to climb, but Ama Dablam offers a bigger challenge and will test your technical skills. Your exposure on the steep faces means there is nowhere to shelter, therefore the weather conditions must be perfect before attempting a climb to the summit. Sherpa Expedition & Trekking will ensure that risks are kept to a minimum and will have accurate weather forecasts on hand.