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Andaman & Nicobar Island

Andaman & Nicobar Island

Submitted by • December 17, 2019

It has the isles for an easel, a pantheon of gods for inspiration, and all of nature for its matchless palette. Its Magnetic Charishma makes one dump and speechless at its splendidness. Nature has created some of the most exquisite scenario making it look-heavenly, vivid, varid and prevaded by a rare and enduring beauty.
The climate of these islands is distinctly tropical. The average rainfall is 3180m.m. Rainy season occurs about five or six months in a year i.e. May to October remains the Mansoon Period. There are no, wild animals in these forests. Sometimes a threat to the human life is caused by the aboriginals, who attact the civilised people with their bows and arrows. To prevent such occurrences and to ensure safety to the life of the people, Government has set up a special police called Bush police. Elephant is the main source of transportation to bring the logs from the interiors of the forests to the roadside. The elephants are trained to do their work with

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