Astronomy and Space Science Summer Camp 2021

Learn to explore the universe with our Online ASTRONOMY & SPACE SCIENCE Workshops – 2021

Right course at the right time can do wonders to your child's future.

Enroll your child with us today in our 10-Day Online Space Workshops packed with Experimentation, Hands-On activities, Quizzes, DIYs, Games and Interactions. These workshops are designed for students of all the grades to learn at their own pace to discuss, explore, read and pursue Astronomy & Space Science as a career.

10 days workshops will cover
Image Processing Solar Observation,
Telescopes and Mounts,
Astronomical Softwares,
Night Observation,
Solar System, Rovers,
Celestial Events,
Grids in the sky,
Black holes,
Cosmic distances,
Constellations etc…

Separate batches are available for different class/age groups.

For details on camp curriculum, fee structure, batch timings, etc.
Contact us on: +91 – 9599191909

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