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Functional masterbatch – Alokmaster

Functional masterbatch is a vital additive for the plastics industry. It modifies the properties of plastic products by pre-dispersing one or more additives in a polymer carrier. Alok Masterbatches offers... Read More

Masterbatches suppliers – Alok

Alok Masterbatches is one of the largest PP Masterbatch suppliers and manufacturers in India. Alok Masterbatches is a Supplier of Color, Black, White, Filler and Additive Masterbatches with an installed... Read More

Black masterbatches – Alokmaster

Alok has developed an extensive range of black masterbatches based on PE, PP, PS, ABS and other polymers. Black masterbatches are high concentrations of carbon black, typically 15 - 50%... Read More