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Director of Mines Department, Bhagwati Prasad Kalal has said that the state government has taken strict action against illegal mining, transportation and storage of gravel and has started intensive checking... Read More

New Delhi Supreme Court has rejected the spectrum auction petition of the Central Government. The Supreme Court had given the order in 2012. Spectrum will not be allocated without auction.... Read More

Rajkot. Congress candidate from Rajkot parliamentary constituency Paresh Dhanani is campaigning in a bullock cart to reach voters and seek votes. In front of him is BJP's powerful candidate Purushottam... Read More

32 2024-05-02T18:15 There are 7 Lok Sabha seats in Delhi. The contest on all these Lok Sabha seats is being considered largely bipolar. Here there is a... Read More

Gwalior Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked to empower women in every field, it is very important for us to talk about the changes that have come in the lives... Read More

Two phases of voting have taken place for Lucknow Lok Sabha Elections-2024. Now the political temperature has risen for the third phase of voting to be held on May 7.... Read More

New Delhi At an election rally in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting kings and maharajas in India but remaining silent on the atrocities committed by... Read More

Lucknow Senior BJP leader and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh filed his nomination papers before the Returning Officer from Lucknow parliamentary constituency on Monday in the presence of UP Chief Minister... Read More

New Delhi. Women candidates who have studied abroad and speak fluent English are going to the villages and seeking votes in typical Haryanvi, while the candidates educated in the villages... Read More

Suddenly smoke came out from the car parked under a tree on the Indore road side and it started burning. Seeing the car burning, the residents tried to extinguish the... Read More