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The working of DigiMenu ensures safety, sanitary, social distancing, and quick functioning of the restaurant. Its working starts as soon as the customer reaches the restaurant. The already placed QR... Read More

Jethalal and DigiMenu…………

Jethalal, from TMKOC, is my favorite character. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of man who swings his hands back and forth while walking. He is a genuine foodie. I adore... Read More

If food was a person, its profession would be a therapist. Food has healing power. It can build relationships, get people close and give them a point to bond upon.... Read More

The Discovery of QR code gave birth to the idea of digital menu. Like every other industry went digital, the entire restaurant dine-in process was made digital. QR code has... Read More

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Contactless Restaurant Ordering

My experience of exploring restaurants has been sophisticatedly pleasing so far. Here is what I have picked from different restaurants in terms of endearment. Every restaurant has its own niche... Read More

Free Digital Menus For Restaurants

A Digital Menu, an extremely convenient form of the menu. This is the most awaited way of growth in the food and beverages industry. Home-delivery digital menus are in existence... Read More

Restaurant Food Ordering System

The world is a dynamic place and it is necessary for you to have a dynamic mindset to live in it. As the earth doesn’t rest, we cannot let... Read More

Restaurant Digital Menu………..

Are you planning to open a new restaurant? You must have researched while deciding the overall working of your restaurant. Every minor detail must have been gone through thoroughly... Read More

Digital Menu Restaurant…….

Digitization is the modern solution to ever- prevailing problems. One such example is DIGIMENU- Digital Card Menu. It is the digitized version of your restaurant’s menu. It works with a... Read More