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A poncho is an outer garment traditionally used to keep the body warm and safe from rain and wind, but now it is popularly designed as a fashion statement. Earlier... Read More

Music is an integral aspect of life in rural India. Given how vast the subcontinent is, a wide variety of folk music has emerged from its numerous rural pockets. The... Read More

This elaborate brass sculpture is a variation of the Goddess Kali iconography, and hers is a distinct iconography. Her stance is far from the unassuming body language of Indian devices;... Read More

Lord Hanuman is known to be a popular symbol of strength and selfless devotee of Lord Rama in Hinduism. It is said that he is the only God who is... Read More

As the cowherd youth recently arrived in Vrindavan, the effect Krishna had on the hearts of the cows and the milkmaids alike is known and sung about to this day.... Read More

Lord Jagannath is an abstract, fluid deity. He is widely considered to be a representation of Lord Krishna Himself, while in some subcultures (Shaiva and Shakta traditions) He is a... Read More

The Buddha contains multitudes. The life of a prince of the Shakya clan that could not prevent him from turning to mendicancy and asceticism; year after year of grave austerity... Read More

This large size miniature, a contemporary work of art rendered in the late Mughal art style of around 1740-50 AD, assimilating into it some Persian art elements too, especially in... Read More

In our Shastras, it has been mentioned that there are twelve forms of the Sun known as Adityas and they represent the twelve months in the calendar and twelve aspects... Read More

Lehengas are one of the ever-trending trousseaus that can enlighten the wearer’s fashion taste for Indian textiles and love for ethnic wear. Woven here on a pure cotton fabric making... Read More