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IME 9 is a significantly effective medicine for management of diabetes developed by C.C.R.A.S. (MINISTRY OF AYUSH GOVT. OF INDIA). IME 9 is synergistic combination of five vital herbs viz.... Read More

High body weight, hypertension and high cholesterol level, and lack of physical activity with poor dietary habits also invite diabetes. Ayush 82 IME-9 is a perfect remedy for managing the... Read More

Ayurvedic medicine Ayush 82 IME-9 naturally helps in managing rising blood sugar levels. It is easily accessible and completely free from side-effects. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that needs to... Read More

This blog post has taken you through a thorough tour of what is Diabetes, what is the root cause, which type of dosha is really responsible for Diabetes and it... Read More

Diabetes is a ‘silent-killer’ as people with high blood sugar level live several years without knowing about the condition. Ayush 82 IME-9 gets you a holistic treatment that addresses the... Read More

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High blood sugar level is the result of low production of insulin hormones, and insufficient utilization of the produced insulin. High body weight, hypertension and high cholesterol level, and lack... Read More

There are millions of people who are affected with high blood sugar levels and Diabetes actually has many complications. Many problems associated with diabetes can be solved only by adopting... Read More

This blog tells you about top 7 natural ways that will help you control Diabetes. Exercise regularly, having a proper and healthy diet, having enough water and keeping your body... Read More

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Ayush82 IME-9 is a sugar management expert. It is a researched product by C.C.R.A.S. (Under Ministry of Ayush, Govt. of India), developed after clinical human trial studies on more than... Read More