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Different Level of Development (LOD) in BIM

Referred to as a lifecycle BIM tool, Level of Development (LOD) is a set of industry standards that provides the AEC industry the power to document, articulate, and specify the... Read More

There is rarely ever a situation where the blueprint drawings on paper match the real-world structure exactly the way it was designed. As-Built drawings reflect the actual structure or space... Read More

What makes As-Built drawing differ from shop drawing?

Drawing and designing are the essential things to initiate any construction project. Every construction drawing is unique on its own and has a distinguishable bunch of features. Construction drawings deliver... Read More

The Great Place to Work certificate is endorsed to Monarch Innovation from its employees based on their reviews and feedback. The GPTW certificate is awarded to such organizations who deliver... Read More

5D BIM: How it will Help the Construction Industry

5D BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a highly effective system that helps plan and execute real construction through a digital look of a physical structure. It is an intelligent model-based... Read More

Different Types Of MEP Drawing

MEP drawings, in the construction industry, is a discipline of civil engineering that focuses on building safety, working, and energy-efficient structures. MEP refers to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems... Read More

Construction Drawings including each of its subtypes are helpful to different groups of workforce assigned with doing or overlooking the various tasks that make up a construction project. Construction drawings... Read More