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iAstronomer Club : Shining Stars (Class 3-5)

iAstronomer inculcates understanding in students of this group based on observation and illustration drawn from real time experiences rather than abstractions. Further with its age appropriate content iAstronomer will engage... Read More

iAstronomer Club: Kids (class 1-2) : The Next-Gen Skill

iAstronomer understands that 80% of a child’s critical development happens in the early years. Through its learning by doing methodology iAstronomer focuses on the development of the whole child as... Read More

Explore the world of Space India

Space India is about the education and passion about space and astronomy and spreading it amongst the masses. We aim to create a scientifically aware society and contribute to the technological... Read More

Astronomy and Space Science Summer Camp 2021

Learn to explore the universe with our Online ASTRONOMY & SPACE SCIENCE Workshops - 2021 Right course at the right time can do wonders to your child's future. Enroll your child with... Read More