Baruntse Expedition: Baruntes Expedition 2022/2023

This is a true expedition to a less climbed, but amazingly beautiful mountain. Serious mountaineers will see Baruntse Peak (7129m/23,389ft) as another addition to their climbing logbook – despite the ice, fragile slopes, and dangers of climbing. This is part of the adrenalin rush of wanting to climb mountains. The higher the mountain the greater the rush!

Baruntse is located in the Khumbu region in the eastern region of Nepal with four peaks, four sides and is bordered by the Hunku Glacier in the south; in the east by the Barun Glacier and Imja Glacier in the northwest. From the peak, there are magnificent views of Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Cho Oyu, and Mt. Lhotse.

There is more than one way to the top! The first route will start at Lukla via Mera La Pass (5800m) and across the Hunku are two different ways of trekking to the pinnacle. One is from Lukla through Mera La Pass (5800m) and Hunku Glacier and with a detour to Mera Peak (6476m) as a warm-up climb before tackling Baruntse Peak. The other route is along the Makalu trail and across the West Barun Glacier. There are 50-degree slopes which make it necessary to be roped – and ready, before attempting this climb. A hazard, such as a cornice needs to be approached with great caution and have been known to suddenly break off. (A cornice is a mass of snow deposited by the wind, often overhanging, and usually near a sharp terrain break such as a ridge).