Best Customer Communications Management Software

Carbyne’s cloud native monitoring center solutions enable your call takers to have multi-media (video, voice, rich data) interactions with your employees and customers leveraging military-grade security, speed, and data privacy.Our call handling solutions offer unique features for monitoring centers looking to quickly resolve issues remotely without the need for end users to download an app.Convert regular calls coming into your monitoring center into rich communication sessions leveraging video and images. Identify the caller’s location in seconds and conference in stakeholders needed to resolve any issue. Use the same platform to communicate with both your customers and employees on the field, without the need for either to download an app.Data from security cameras, alarm systems, thermostats, drones, IoT devices, and other software solutions can provide you with more contextual information needed to optimally resolve any incident. Carbyne’s smart API enables simple integrations from any data source onto our platforms.