Best Neuro Hospital in Patna| Best neuro doctor in Patna

North-East Orthopaedic & Trauma Hospital is one of the best Neurology Hospital in Patna and has the Best Neurosurgeon doctors in Patna, Bihar. You must visit in our hospital to get the best treatment for your neurological disease. In North East Hospital there is a highly experienced and best Neurosurgeons doctor in Patna, Bihar. We have maintained our dignity by providing world-class facilities to our patients.

Having a neurological disease can leave a deep impact not just only on you but on loved ones as well. It is important to seek the best medical assistance and the best Neurologist doctor from us as soon as possible when detected any neurological symptoms. Not only for neurological disorders but North-East Orthopaedic & Trauma Hospital is known for treating various other problems as well.

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