The Resumption date of Delta Airlines flights to Africa has been rescheduled. As per an update on the official websites of the carrier, the Delta Airlines direct flight to Johannesburg is supposed to be resumed on August 1. Earlier it was scheduled to resume from July 2, 2021. The date of resuming flights between Atlanta and Johannesburg was changed many times before the last announcement of the rescheduling of flight service. It happened mainly because of continuing restrictions on travel between the United States of America and South Africa. Delta Air is confident that by the time of resuming services, things might get changed and COVID restrictions on travels will be lifted by these two countries.

Delta Air is also confident to restart flight services not only to Johannesburg but also to all African markets. Accra, Ghana, Dakar, Senegal, and Lagos are the targeted destinations of the airline. More than a year has passed; the flight services of Delta Air to these destinations are paused due to the pandemic of COVID-19. The carrier is optimistic to start services again in Africa. The carrier is proud of serving Delta Airlines direct flights to South Africa for more than 15 years. The demand for resuming flight service between the United States of America and South Africa is increasing particularly during summer times.

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