DevOps vs. DataOps: What's the Difference?

Over the past several decades, organizations of all sizes have adopted IT technologies to improve operations and competitiveness. Many companies want to build efficient web applications while managing data effectively. To this end, they’ve looked for better approaches in data analysis, software development, and data management.

DevOps manages software development and delivery. DataOps is an end-to-end approach to deliver data products efficiently and effectively. Both work to solve the need to scale software development and delivery.

DataOps methodology includes SQL queries, machine learning models and insights, data pipelines, and more. While DataOps focuses on the use of data in analytics and the flow of data, DevOps focuses on the software development process and product delivery cycle.

Based on agile frameworks, both are designed to accelerate the software development lifecycle. In short, DevOps focuses on software product development, and DataOps reduces the time from data need to data success.

This blog provides an overview of both and highlights their differences. (Read more on the website)

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