Digital KYC Verification for Banks – Accura Scan

Online identity verification and digital kyc at accura scan. Also visit for passport scanner, AML Verification & digital fraud detection.
In a fast growing Digital World, Knowing Your Customer is more important than ever. Accura Scan provides Digital Customer On-Boarding and eKYC. Its AI and Deep Machine Learning verifies Passports & ID Cards issued by over almost all countries helping companies to Identify and Authenticate their customers. Contact us to avail our document scanner app, to get SDK or for any app development requirement. We are eager to serve you!
Prefer quick, accurate & reliable E-KYC with Biometrics, Face match, authentication and OCR/MRZ reader with Accura scan App.
Accura scan offer you the quickest and most elegant way to scan driving license and passports. It is easy to use and simple to handle and it can detected text and image and easily read all the information from barcode.

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