Are you finding any Place to study during covid? Then you are at right place –

We are going to discuss the problem.. The trouble that ruined us either taught us to measure.Which whether or not we wish to be told plenty,it is less.We are talking about epidemic that explained lots to us.These is that the name Covid-19.From these epidemic ,we will also understand what was the loss in our normal life.The biggest loss of which was because of education.We all fathom us ,education is that the backbone of the state.These backbone current situation is completely destroyed.

How can we repair it? So my question during this subject ,what am I able to do for education structure..? And today if we are able to not repair it..then what's the plan for the future !!!HOW can we fulfil this have to keep it running continuously within the coming times or future ,,so that this backbone will be strengthened.Either we must always find another option,so that this need will be met.I want to mention,we need to search out other opportunities for education.

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