FMS SKIN | Best Pimple Treatment In Kondapur Hyderabad

Pimples , also know as zits are part of acne. If you don’t treat pimple appropriately, you could end up with lingering scars and uneven skin.

Pimple scars can hinder your natural beauty , destroying your self confidence.

Pimples are a condition that is caused when the sebaceous glands located at the base ofthe hair follicle becomes overactive , inflaming the pores.

Best Pimple Treatment in Hyderabad, India @FMS

Pimples most often effect the face , back , chest and shoulders due to more number of sebaceous glands present in these ares of the skin. This condition may effect all teenagers during puberty , but pimples are usually not restricted to teenagers women and men of all ages struggle with acne and pimple problems.

A good pimple treatment can help ease your skincare woes and clear your acne-prone skin without too much effort.

Laser treatment
Chemical peels
Topical prescribed medicines

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