How can web development company Mumbai if your website isn’t ranking?

You aren't alone if Google isn't indexing your website as several issues don't allow Google to index your site. Well, you don't need to stress as here are some reasons why Google isn't indexing your site.
1. You fail to have a domain name- Firstly, Google wouldn’t index your website if you don't have a domain name. It can also happen if you are using the incorrect URL for any content or it is not set up perfectly for WordPress. There are easy fixes for the same, so you don't need to stress.
2. The website isn't mobile-friendly- A mobile-friendly website plays a crucial role in indexing your website as google introduced mobile indexing first. You are surely losing traffic and rankings if your website is not perfectly optimized for viewing content on a smartphone. It doesn't matter even if you how the best quality content. Mobile optimization isn't challenging. A Web design company in mumbai can help you.
3. Using a complex coding language- If you are using a complex coding language, then Google wouldn't fix your site. The language doesn't matter much as it can be old or updated. However, they offer several guidelines with all design quirks that come while designing some responsive pages.
4. Slow-loading website- If you have slow loading website, then Google isn't likely to feature them in the top results of the search engines. It might be due to several factors if your site is loading too late. You can easily use the Google Page Speed insights.
5. Your site has minimum well-written content- If you want to succeed on Google, you must write perfect content. You might have to face several issues if you have a minimal range that doesn't align with your competitive levels.

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