How easy is to make money while playing on MPL?

MPL offers gamers more than 50 games to play and the chance to win money. But at the end of the day, it is a competitive platform, and anyone can win only if they are better than the competitors. So if you think you will start winning money right after downloading the app, you are wrong. It takes a lot of practice and time on the game before you can beat others to win. After all, MPL claims to have more than 6 crore players. That is a lot of competition!

MPL also allows users to play practice games for free and hone their skills before moving on to paid tournaments to face more seasoned players. I have earned close to Rs 700 in 3 months but this is nothing to brag about, I have friends who have earned nothing and also know people who have earned close to Rs 2K. Bubble shooter, Fruit Chop are my best games. I have faced tough competition in Carrom and Speed chess.

How you play your money is your responsibility. Like most skill-based gaming platforms, MPL also offers users a reward based on skills. The earnings will always vary and you must be clear on this. Play for fun not for an income.

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