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How To Draw An Anime Girl Face (Shojo)

How To Draw An Anime Girl Face (Shojo)

Submitted by • February 2, 2020

Drawing an anime face was frustrating for me back in high school when I was still learning to draw. Doing the face is not as straightforward as one might think. Based on what I learned, a bit of miscalculation will ruin the whole feature of your beloved artwork. Try not fixing the eye alignment and you got a laughable proportion. Do fix the position of the nose, or else it will look oddly distorted. Then the there’s the placement of the mouth. It must be just right or the chin will appear too prominent. Do it too little and your character will be weak-chinned. The size of the face also dictates if your character will be too girlish or boyish.

In this article, we will draw a female character, the shojo. I’m not sure about you, but I find it easier to draw female character than males. In fact a shojo-type face was the first anime character I learned to perfect. Now with that being said, let’s bring our character to life!

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