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Human augmented artficial intelligence

Human augmented artficial intelligence

Submitted by • May 11, 2020

Imagine a world without consumer data – no data on demographics, behavior, buying pattern – nothing! That’s not going to be a very lucrative environment for businesses, will it? Fortunately, that’s one scenario we don’t have to encounter – thanks to software and technological innovation, today data is easily available. But the question is, is the data being analyzed and being used strategically?

That’s why we, at Day One Technologies offer our services for Human Augmented Artificial Intelligence or HAAI, as we call it. There is absolutely no dearth of data – at least not when it comes to raw data collection. The challenge is to manage, monitor, segment and analyze big data, to draw business insights and design plans. With HAAI, we offer the solution to this global challenge. Through advanced and intelligent use of machine learning and AI, we offer qualitative scientific analysis that gives your business the edge that it’s been waiting for!

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