If Cloudtail in Amazon India is the dominant seller, then how are other sellers making any profits?

Yes, Cloudtail is one of the leading sellers on Amazon, but it’s not dominant. And other sellers do make profits.
Without profits, a normal business can’t survive for long.
Amazon gives the buyer an option to buy a product from any seller of their choice, even if every seller gives a product at the same price.
Hence proving no seller is dominant on Amazon.
On Amazon, there is no 1 dominant seller. All sellers are the same. It boils down to which product are you buying and which seller provides you with the best pricing, delivery speeds, and trust-based on their ratings and reviews.
It’s a competitive market place seller has to strive and compete with all other sellers on Amazon just like every other offline market. If you ask whether other sellers are making any profits, yes, they are!
That’s how a business operates.
A small seller can compete with Cloudtail India in the price on Amazon as various sellers are already doing it on Amazon, selling products at the price fixed by themselves.
Yes, bigger sellers may have an advantage of huge inventories & more product categories but so is the case in traditional offline markets as well.

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