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Is Barley Gluten-Free? Does Barley Have Gluten Or Not?

Is Barley Gluten-Free? Does Barley Have Gluten Or Not?

Submitted by • March 5, 2020

Gluten happens to be a protein found in certain grains. But however, people seem to be unfamiliar with specific types of gluten on the flip side. Keep reading to find out Barley is Gluten-Free or not?

Although barley is one of the primary whole grains, Barley is unfortunately not free from gluten. This raises a question in its nutritious value to expose the risk that it poses on those suffering from celiac disease, gluten sensitivity or intolerance.

Barley is not Gluten-free

The gluten found in barley is termed as hordein scientifically. It is highly concentrated in the seeds of the plant i.e. the part conceived as grain which is mostly used in cooking.

The seeds also find usage in producing foods and beverages which is equivalent to gluten consumption like in beer, malted products, barley flour, barley pearls, granola bars, cereals, soups, etc.

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