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Fondaparinux, offered underneath the brand title Arixtra, is a prescription anticoagulant medicine used to prevent blood clots in patients present process sure surgical procedures or with precise clinical conditions. It... Read More

Stavudine, also recognised by way of its company identify Zerit, is an antiretroviral remedy used to deal with HIV/AIDS. It works by means of inhibiting the replication of the virus... Read More

Perampanel, bought below the company title Fycompa, is an antiepileptic remedy used to deal with seizures. It works by means of blockading positive receptors in the brain that are responsible... Read More

Canagliflozin Metformin is a mixture remedy that is used to treat kind 2 diabetes. It consists of two special drugs, canagliflozin and metformin, which work collectively to assist manipulate blood... Read More