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Humanity learned to weave cloth from natural materials during the Neolithic period. That is about 12,000 years BC. The first fiber from which fabrics were made was wool. People began... Read More

The world is changing rapidly. We live in a time of news, innovation, technological development, and high competition. New brands appear in the markets every month, trying to win their... Read More

Bizz Duniya has exported top-of-the-range non-basmati rice exporters in Asian nations and we have India's high Non-Basmati Rice variants BPT Non-Basmati Rice, Kolam Rice, Masoori Non-Basmati Rice, Miniket Rice, Parmal... Read More

We are all born with certain qualities and talents. But talent alone is not enough to make dreams come true. It requires zeal, courage, risk-taking, and a thirst for knowledge... Read More

Network business has developed widely in Russia. And if only twenty years ago, this line of business was a novelty and consumers were cautious today, network companies have become huge... Read More

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Best Quality Groundnuts Suppliers & Exporters

Bizzduniya supplies various Groundnuts varieties including Blanched Groundnut, java Groundnut, Red Groundnut, Salted Groundnut, Split Groundnut in the shell, Pink Groundnut, and Groundnut shell java. Groundnuts are popularly used in... Read More

assessment of Altai kingdom clinical college Altai state medical college is one of the maximum reputed and famous medical universities in Russia. it is a public college in Barnaul, Russia, and... Read More