Magni Fi scoop James K. Polk Audio SR Wireless

Magni Fi scoop James K. Polk Audio SR Wireless
The James K. Polk MagniFi scoop maximum-performance home theatre sound bar and wireless subwoofer system provides additional dynamic sound than ancient sound bars-and is optimized to create sports, movies, TV, and music come to life .Very good quality and long life product Magni Fi scoop James K. Polk Audio SR Wireless.
Benefits :- Crisp and clear dialogue with Voice modify ™ and makes nearly any TV sound unbelievable
3 year guarantee :- inherent music streaming
Description : – Immersive sound , Virtual Surround Sound . Seven driver array and so the enclosed powerful wireless subwoofer creates associate immersive multi-dimensional sound via five.1 Ray M. Dolby Digital, psychosis and exclusive James K. Polk SDA surround technology for an incredible room-filling listening expertise.
Polk proprietary SDA® Surround Technology :- proprietary SDA surround technology creates associate expansive soundstage and elaborated stereo image, whereas delivering a natural multi-dimensional sound expertise.
Polk Voice Adjust® Technology :- customise the voice levels to breed clear, crisp dialogue and ne'er miss one word of your favorite flick, broadcast or sporting event. Streaming Music
Google Chromecast Built-in:- Stream music from your favorite apps over Wi-Fi, attach along with your Google Home speaker to create an entire home sound system and use voice commands to manage your music.
Effortless bass: -Bass you will feel ,Adjustable wall-mounting , and distinctive wall-mounting system for horizontal adjustment to create positive the sound bar remains level and targeted below your TV.
Exclusive complement Deep Bass Technology :- The Magni Fi scoop sound bar and therefore the enclosed enclosed ported wireless subwoofer give you with a colossal boost of core-pounding deep bass .That takes theater and music listening of a complete new level
Movie, Music and Sport Modes :- One button planned equivalent weight settings for Movies, Music.

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