Paper Mill Machinery Exporters

India is a large contributor when it comes to the production of a broad range of machinery and equipment
India is always leading in various production sectors like electrical, textile, tools, construction, mechanical, automobile, oil and gas, packaging, pulp, and paper machinery, metallurgical, etc. India had a significant share in the export of machinery amounting to US$ 19.4 bn in 2015-16. Whereas, the export rate of paper from India is approx 1559.878 US$ million in 2018. Top paper importers from India are the USA, UAE, China, Nepal, and Kenya.

Parason has been a consistent exporter of Pulp and Paper Mill Machinery to our clients overseas. Parason has a wide client base in almost 60+ countries. Parason has global consultancy services that support organizations to set up new paper mills with international consultants in Germany, The USA, and Europe.

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