Public safety Communication Services management Software

Carbyne is the leading innovator in public safety technology.
We work with over 70 governments worldwide to help their emergency call centers communicate with residents and get them the assistance they need. Our cloud call management platforms contain the advanced,life-saving tools call takers need to
dispatch accurately and decisively.

The Ecosystem
Our “One Screen Fits All” means your dispatchers don’t have to fumble with multiple windows or monitors.We’ve created a streamlined ecosystem of tools, in which everything can plug into a single platform and distribute outward from that
same platform. We simplify the decision-making process for them by giving them all the information they need to help people, from the first responders to the callers.

Situational Awareness
From caller to call taker to first responders, our solutions are customized to give the highest degree of visibility of any incident for everyone. This means dispatchers can prepare in ways to increase first responders’ safety,increase response efficiency, and offer callers a sense of security knowing that the right help is on the way.

Carbyne delivers the vital information your callers cannot.
We remove doubt and build up confidence by serving up all information your teams need to succeed. With Carbyne’s platforms dispatchers gain access like never before to real-time location, video, images upload, chat, traffic maps,landmarks, and enable the call takers to receive all the information the caller can’t always readily relay, depending on the situation and emotions involved.