Royal Ora Lahore Cantt in Pakistan

Introducing Royal Ora by Fragrance Studio, a majestic scent inspired by the irresistible allure of Jardin d’Amalfi by Creed. Crafted with a luxurious fusion of floral and fruity notes, Royal Ora transports you to a sun-soaked garden along the Amalfi Coast, wrapping you in an aura of regal elegance and timeless charm.

The fragrance begins with an exhilarating burst of zesty bergamot and succulent mandarin, instantly awakening the senses with its radiant and invigorating scent. As it unfolds, delicate whispers of romantic rose and soothing lavender emerge, infusing the composition with layers of depth and allure. This harmonious blend of floral and fruity notes creates a dynamic and captivating olfactory journey, evoking a sense of refreshing sophistication that lingers long after it's applied.