At BookPrintingChina, a China printing company, we deal with paper every day, especially in every process of hardcover printing and binding. We can know and pay attention to the characteristics of paper and get results of high quality and cheapest hardcover printing China.
1. Thickness: refers to the thickness of the paper. The thickness of the paper should be uniform, otherwise the printing effect will be significantly different. BookPrintingChina has solved this problem when purchasing paper for hardcover books.
2. Tightness: Tightness refers to the degree of looseness or tightness of the paper structure, also known as specific gravity or volume. Tightness is closely related to ink absorption and smoothness.
3. Smoothness: Smoothness refers to the smoothness and smoothness of the surface of the paper. The smoothness determines the tightness of the contact between the paper and the blanket.
4. The degree of dust: dust degree refers to the existence of black and non-black spots on the surface of the paper that are different from the color of the paper.
5. Moisture content (degree): Moisture content refers to the moisture content of a certain weight of paper that is in equilibrium with the relative humidity of the environment at room temperature, also known as moisture content, or moisture for short.
6. PH: pH refers to the acidity or alkalinity of paper (represented by pH). The pH of the paper is an important factor that inhibits or accelerates the drying of the ink or affects the pH value of the dampening fluid, and also affects the durability of the printed matter (ink fading).
The above are the six factors that printers in China summed up that paper affects the printing effect. I hope it will help you. If you have any printing needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.