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We, Lambda Therapeutic Research Limited are a leading global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) headquartered in Ahmedabad – India, with facilities and operations in Mehsana (India), Toronto (Canada), Warsaw (Poland), London... Read More

Lambda’s highly advanced CAP and NABL accredited Central Laboratory is India’s first Lab to offer Immunogenicity Testing. Our highly experienced Central Lab testing team consists of Clinical Pathologists, Microbiologists, Biotechnologists... Read More

Committed cutting edge phase I units in Ahmedabad (India), Toronto (Canada) and Novum (USA) empower us to have a synergistic methodology across geologies for course of events and cost benefits.... Read More

Lambda offer savvy, result-arranged Trials for Bioequivalence studies, Clinical Preliminaries, Bio scientific Administrations, PK/PD studies, Clinical Composition, Biostatistics and Information The executives, PSUR and Pharmacovigilance administrations to clients as per... Read More

Lambda's Bioavailability/Bioequivalence Studies offer worldwide admittance to 800+ clinical beds comprehensive of 85+ particular beds intended for explicit examinations. Hearty enrollment and lodging choices empower us to give modified support/concentrate... Read More

Lambda adopt a consultative strategy to all information the board exercises. We will work with you to grasp your definitive objectives and give experienced criticism to get you there in... Read More

Lambda has laid areas of strength for out groups in India with profound nearby information to convey quality CRO administrations to biotechnology organizations. Moreover, it has collaborated with key expert... Read More

India has been directing worldwide investigations for over 30 years. A few rules give the structure to clinical trials in India, for example, the Indian Great Clinical Practice, the Indian... Read More

CROs are central members in clinical examination, since they have the information and the capacities required for the legitimate improvement of a clinical report. They help supports by decreasing their... Read More

To meet the data security measures to protect the research data, multiple levels of access control should be in-place like physical access of data storage and logical access control. Clinical... Read More