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This brilliant painting, oil on canvas, as large as four by six feet, rendered in modern art style but with a mythical theme, represents the ten-armed Devi – Goddess, killing... Read More

Palette knife painting is a process of applying paint to canvas by using a tool called a painting knife. It is reported that in the 19th-century, a master painter named... Read More

Murals distinguish the folk art of Kerala. A fine tradition to be found in the temples and palaces dotting the Malabar Coast, the earliest examples are to be found in... Read More

Of all the different layers of concentration expounded in the yogasootras, it is the seeded kind that is aided by visualisation imagery. By seeded, Maharshi Patanjali meant the state of... Read More

Lord Ganesha is a baal-deva, a child (baal) of the divine order of the devas. He is an integral part of Shiva-parivar and the Devi Durga offspring retinue in devotional... Read More

In Hindu Religion Rasaleela is an interesting phenomenon. It refers to the ihalokiya (earthly) conduct - ‘leela’ - of the Vishnu-avatara Krishna. The word ‘rasa’ translates to aesthetics. As such,... Read More

A supreme master of all knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, as can be analyzed from his name Ganapati, where ‘Ga’ means buddhi (intelligence), ‘Na’ means vijnana (wisdom), and ‘Pati’ means master.... Read More

A private moment between two young sahelis (female friends). As they while away their time with a dhol in their private chambers, the princess opens up the recesses of her... Read More

Peace & Prosperity heralds escalation in artistic pursuits. During the Sikh period, art reached its pinnacle in Lahore, Amritsar, Jind, Patiala, etc. It had a unique style, standing in its... Read More

Yantra is as known as ideal meditation tools used by many. Meanwhile, a Shri Yantra is considered one of the most powerful ones as it represents the entirety of the... Read More