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Teacher Quran Academy | Learn Quran | Quran Classes

Teacher Quran Academy | Learn Quran | Quran Classes

Submitted by • March 19, 2020

Quran is the guidance for all human beings, and it is an obligation upon every Muslim to learn Quran e pak with proper Arabic accent but unfortunately we have forgot the purpose of our existence now no one is contemplating regarding resurrection, although our daily life routine is very busy and it is difficult to learn Quran with a proper recitation method and accent as there is lack of awareness about genuine accent and tajweed. Especially in European countries it is hard to find a good Quran teacher and difficult to manage time. In order to understand the message of Allah we need to read, recite and learn Quran with an actual pronunciation of Arabic. However, it is very easy and approachable now to learn Quran with a perfect manner even by sitting at your home. By the use of the modern era`s technology it has become extremely convenient to learn Quran-e-pak by expert Quran teachers because as everyone doesn’t know that in Arabic, by wrong pronunciation of a single word can alter the

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