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Russia’s Oldest and Most Prestigious Medical Institution
Tyumen State Medical University is one of the best and the oldest leading medical educational college in Russia. For more than a century Tyumen State Medical University has continued to give education to Russian and international students.

About Tyumen State Medical University
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The Tyumen State Medical University is the best medical school in Tyumen, Russia. It’s easy and affordable, so you can focus on what matters most – best medical education. With Twinkle Institue AB’s help, you can get direct admission in tyumen state medical university Russia.

Tyumen State Medical University is the only university in the region that provides high-quality medical education. The university has a long history of providing training to students with excellent results. Being one of Russia’s best medical universities, Tyumen SMU is listed among top ten Russian universities for its clinical skills and practical training, tyumen state medical university fee is affordable and comparetively low.

History of Tyumen State Medical University
The establishment of Tyumen State Medical University (TSMU) was a great accomplishment for the entire Siberian region, which is home to an ever-increasing number of citizens. The vast territory of Siberia at the time, which stretched across the entire Eurasian continent and included the far-flung Siberian tribes. The new academic institution was planned to be located in Tyumen, and its major responsibilities would include preparing doctors to serve the local population. Due to Russia’s ongoing and deep economic crisis, the prospective members of the first class did not receive any financial aid. Nevertheless, the TSU faculty held a grand opening ceremony in February 1913.

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