What does Scientific Dissemination Mean?

What does Scientific Dissemination Mean?
Providing detailed scientific or technical data to a large audience, including the general public, is dissemination. This process is used to share information in a one-way system, which means the message’s sender will not receive a direct response. Those spreading their message can only gain greater engagement by encouraging two-way communication. When professionals publish their scientific or medical research findings, this knowledge becomes available to a broader audience. It can be taken up by many sources, such as the news media, to exploit the source of scientific discoveries further.
The scientific information need to be made easy to convey to a audience which is non-scientific. To ultimately reap the benefits of educating a non-medical or non-scientific community, this method of sharing information must be effective.
Target Audience
Target audience is for different objectives and includes citizen, public, media, stakeholders, scientific key opinion leaders, researchers, industry leaders, KOLs from small or medium Size enterprises, policymakers and end-users.
Having a well-designed strategy
Conveying clear messages
Using the right media channels
Creating roadmaps, prototypes, software’s
Sharing knowledge, skills, data
Publishing your results on scientific magazines, databases, scientific and/or targeted conferences
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