What is difference between UI and UX design?

First of all, we clear What is UI? and What is UX?

Many of Us believe that UI and UX are the same things. Both are unique irreplaceable wagers to making the best website and or app at development time. They both have owned their own importance on their place, but both are equally important.

Complicated flow or design was hard to the engaging the user. UI/UX design services in Auckland ensures to reduce the level of complication of your websites and application.


It includes web app layout, graphic elements, images, videos, color theory, typography, etc. It mainly gives attractive looks to your product.


UX design services are for understanding the user's journey, their needs, and requirements and converting it into a website or application. It starts with what problems are coming for the user and ends on a prototype. This is for understating a target audience and for difficulties of present users’ flows.

The role of a UI Designer is to design elements of your Websites and application and The role of a UX Designer is to make the user flow easy and smooth.

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