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Why Is Vegeta Better Than Goku?

Why Is Vegeta Better Than Goku?

Submitted by • February 23, 2020

I thought that short guy with pointy hair will just be another regular villain. Well Vegeta was meant to be just a onetime rival from the start, but he grew into the audience and developed into one of the well-loved DBZ characters. Fans often said that Vegeta is a deeper character than Goku. He started as a murderous psycho out to wreck planets and aims to become immortal through the 7 Dragon Balls. He then became an anti-hero when he aided Gohan and the others survive Frieza’s wrath. Goku might be the one who sealed Frieza’s fate (almost) for good, but Vegeta did play an indirect part even though he was beaten to a pulp. He continued his anti-hero scheme through-out the series, often helping our heroes when it benefitted him, until his soft side was exposed and he became a hero himself. Such a complex character of you asks me; the man is unpredictable. He will go from villain, to hero, to villain and to hero without warning. This might explain why he is loved by fans. And sometimes I

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