Why node JS is better than PHP?

Web development is perhaps a broad and ever-evolving field. New technologies and tools regularly emerge, posing a challenge for app developers. They can’t tell the difference between Javascript and Node.js and long-term, established solutions and newer, emerging ones.

Backend programmers are the ones who are most likely to have to choose between .Net, PHP, and Node.js. Due to a variety of factors, it has now become a common occurrence among Web App developers.

Previously, Javascript had no overlap with PHP. The frontend apps are developed using Javascript, while the server-side applications are developed with PHP. These two languages collaborated to develop stunning websites. .Net is amongst the most often used programming languages for creating server-side applications. According to various sources, Node Js is used by 1.4 percent to 2.2 percent of websites worldwide.

What happened suddenly? What caused the situation to change? It has been the case since JS, which represents a whole new Node. Js started to make advances into the server-side domain, drawing backend programmers away from PHP and .Net.

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Why is Node js better than PHP and .Net?