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Why Was ‘Gundam X’ so Underrated?

Why Was ‘Gundam X’ so Underrated?

Submitted by • February 2, 2020

Anyway, the whole thing is that Gundam Wing was a success and something good in its own right. It became the face of the Gundam franchise to the world. Without it, the franchise would likely be an obscure series. After seeing the delights of the Gundam world, we simply wanted more. We wanted to see more of that pew pew stuff and the girls out there wanted another Heero Yuy. And after some time waiting, Sunrise unleashed another shiny mecha series.

Enter After War Gundam X.

I was pretty excited when I first saw this. It had the same tone as the grim and war-torn world of the Wing series. And to my delight, it strived to be in a class of its own. Despite having the same motif, Gundam X was a different kind of beast. We will get to that later on. Personally, I loved it, but somehow it never became as big as its predecessors. That's too bad because it did everything right that Gundam Wing did wrong. And after doing some late night surfing, it became clear to me why it never made so much

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