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(Ambika) Momo Masala 100g | Ambika

Momos are a sort of steamed dumpling with a filling, and they are prepared with Ambika Momo Masala. In various parts of India, Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, momo is a... Read More

Ambika Tea Masala is a unique blend of spices and herbs that is perfect for adding flavor to your favorite cup of tea. This mix includes ingredients like cinnamon, green... Read More

Get Wide Range of Dry Fruits Online | Ambika

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy Premium quality dryfruits for every occasion. May it be a dessert or any dish, enhance it with Ambika Dryfruits. A dried fruit set indispensable for celebrations... Read More

Best Indian Spices available Online | Ambika

Ambika Spice Range is a wholesome experience,100% natural, unadulterated, premium quality whole, grounded & mixed spices. Every product of Ambika Spice Range is hygienically packed free from artificial color, flavor... Read More

Add a Spicy, Tangy taste to your lunch and dinner | Ambika Pickles

Ambika Rajasthani Ker Pickle is made from hand picked Ker & Mangoes & finest ingredients. It an authentic recipe of Rajasthan Ambika Rajasthani Athana Mirchi Pickle is made from Green... Read More

Buy Chat Masala 100g Online Now | Ambika

Ambika Chat Masala is a spice powder blend with a tangy flavor that can be sprinkled on top of any dish. Made from premium quality whole spices which are rich... Read More

Ambika Chilli Powder Hot is made from premium quality whole red chillies. Aflatoxin level is below 10 ppb. It is hygienically packed free from any artificial color, flavor and preservatives.... Read More

Buy Best Quality Food and Beverages Online | Ambika

Ambika Corporation is the importer/supplier in Japan that imports the fine quality food products from India and all over the world and sells to companies, restaurants, grocery shops and retail... Read More

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