Location: Nepal

You have always liked how the commercials of drinks pops the drink. You as a gamer will have same experience on every taps of the bottle the game. In this... Read More

Hungry forks are on the way to devour the young and innocent momos. Your mission is to save the momo by the shield provided to you. Be aware because hungry... Read More

Habre is one of the rarest animal in the world. It is found in certain places of Nepal - Famously known as red Panda. This simple is dedicated to this... Read More

Have you ever seen the momo jumping up and up? This game is all about that. In this game you have to make the momo jump at the correct timing... Read More

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Honey hunter has been boon to the society as they collect the rare honey from the caves of mountain. We have replicated the experience how this character collects honey hanging... Read More

We know you can flip the bottle and perfectly land it. The main question can you land it all the time. This game is all about landing the bottle perfectly,... Read More

Corner Score is a strategical game where you have to pass through one corner to another corner. You can change the direction of the game without to escape the obstacle... Read More

Daurey Dai- The Woodcutter is famous in the village as he can cut any size of tree in one shot with his mighty axe. Can you be as epic as... Read More

Chai is on the mission to fly higher and higher touching those skies. Yet there are different huddles which can bring down the chari. Save the chari to complete the... Read More