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Food and Health NGO In Dwarka Delhi

Sandhya Singh, a dynamic leader with a passion for social change, took the helm of this NGO with a vision to address the critical issues surrounding food security and public... Read More

Sandhya Singh: Inspiring Social Justice

Sandhya Singh is one such individual – a visionary whose unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of social justice have reshaped the fabric of our society. But dreams, no matter how... Read More

Sandhya Singh- Womens Self Defence In Dwarka

Sandhya Singh, the visionary leader of our NGO in Dwarka, understands that the foundation of a thriving community lies in the well-being and education of its children. Our NGO in... Read More

Leading NGO Consultancy Services In Dwarka

Sandhya Singh’s NGO consultancy services prioritise impact measurement and evaluation. By implementing rigorous monitoring and evaluation frameworks, we ensure that resources are allocated effectively and that interventions are achieving tangible... Read More

Kids Safety And Education NGO In Dwarka Delhi

Kids’ safety and education matter because they are the very bedrock upon which our collective future stands. However, ensuring the safety of our children is not merely about protecting their... Read More

NGO Consultancy Services In Delhi

NGO consulting services are a compass that guides organizations toward effective solutions. Our NGO also provides NGO Consulting services in Dwarka Delhi under the leadership of Sandhya Singh. Our work... Read More

Sandhya Singh-Women Kids Safety Dwarka Delhi

The issue of women’s Kids safety is a pervasive concern globally, and Delhi, unfortunately, has gained a notorious reputation for being one of the least safe cities for women in... Read More

Self Defence Workshop In Dwarka Delhi

Our NGO founder, Sandhya Singh, often says that it’s time to arm ourselves—not just with physical techniques but with knowledge, confidence, and solidarity. And this is what guides all our... Read More

Self Defence Workshop In Dwarka Delhi

Sandhya Singh’s NGO in Dwarka, Delhi, is playing a pivotal role in this movement by organizing free women’s safety training camps. Through these initiatives, our NGO is not only equipping... Read More

Kids Education NGO In Dwarka Delhi

Education is the cornerstone of a progressive society, and at the Sandhya Singh Foundation Dwarka, we are committed to providing every child with access to quality education. We firmly believe... Read More