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Exchange-traded funds and index funds are the investments preferred by traders. An investment strategy that minimises the buying and selling to maximise the returns. Passive investments are a good choice... Read More

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Merchant account services are totally different from bank accounts, it records all the payment transactions through debit or credit card. This process takes a few time periods to complete the... Read More

To know what a merchant service provider is, you first need to understand the term merchant services. As a business owner that sells products or services online, you’re a merchant.... Read More

Merchant payment services | Senmo

Senmo merchant services describe the range of services and products that allow merchants to accept and process credit and debit card transactions. Before the internet became mainstream, merchant services relied... Read More

A payment processor is a company that handles transactions so that your customers can buy your products. That means the payment processing company communicates and relays information from your customer’s... Read More

Senmo is the best Merchant service provider function, it plays the role of an intermediary between banks, your business, and your customers. It boosts your payment transaction and accepts credit... Read More

Online payment processing | Senmo

Online payment processing follows a similar format as a brick-and-mortar store’s payment processing. The main thing to keep in mind is that payment processing online requires a merchant account or... Read More

Merchant accounts are essential to businesses, especially those that accept credit cards online. Without a merchant account, you cannot accept money from a customer’s credit or debit card because you... Read More

Senmo is a great payment technology partner for online payment and boosts your processor speed. Through merchant services, you can easily process the payment and handle transactions so that customers... Read More